Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 1's Projects

This picture I found on google and I put a circle around beauty and the beast and then deleted the rest of it putting a blue background and putting in a soft edge.

This jordan logo I found on google, I first outlined it and then deleted everything else. Then I used the gradient tool to make my background, and as a finishing touch I wrote the Air with a paint brush.
This is a picture I took of myself using my lab top. Then I went to google and found a picture of a duke jersey and then I put the jersey on me. I first put my picture done then I placed the duke jersey over me and made it bigger so it would fit me.

Both of these pictures I got were from google. First I put a picture of memorial stadium down, then I put a picture of Allen, from the hangover, in it. I moved him and made him the size I wanted him to be.