Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Final Project Photos

This is a photo that i created. This photo is supposed to be a logo for OHS Golf.

This is a photo of a movie poster that i put my face on. The movie was "Hot Rod."

This is a photo for a fictitious book cover where i just placed a photo of me being scared.

This is a photo that i got and restored it a little bit. I tried to take out the wrinkles in it.

This is a photo that was black and white. But then i added a little color to it.

This is a collage picture that i made about me and my basketball game.

This is a photo of a giant telephone. Then i got a picture from google of the worlds smallest guy and placed him by it.

This is magazine cover that i made where i took my face and put it on Michael Phelps body.

This is a photo that i made for a t-shirt design. I got the two helmets from google and then placed them on here and wrote what i wanted the shirt to say.

This is a another picture i made for another t-shirt design. I used the brush tool to place the basketballs on the shirt.